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Pet name help

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Well, I really think pet names are something you need to decide yourself, it won't be the same if *I* give you one for your boyfriend!


How about the abdominable snowman..hehe.


My boyfriend has a specific nickname for me, that even some of his friends now use and I have a specific nick or two for him too and both are respectable in front of others and fine....but other then that we just use regular names, the only time we use pet names is if we are teasing one another, since they are not really "us". I think they are kinda...too sappy sometimes...so if we are teasing one another we will go overboard with them...lol. Sometimes use things like sweet cheeks or sexy or sweet stuff when being silly/fun, but they are not day to day usage! And we'll use 'babe' as a standard too if we don't use our regular names or nicknames. I would not say they are standard use though for us.


I think you just need something that feels right for you, does not have to be overly original, just fits!

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Hey Crystal! I agree with RayKay. Pet names are much more fun when they come from you and are inspired from private moments you've shared but maybe these'll give you some ideas?


The "Boss", Greenie, Farmer _firstname_, Cowboy, Rough Rider, Mr. Firefighter, Muscles, Bubba (as fine a redneck name as they come), Ice or Iceman, and last but not least Snowball (lol).


Btw, I've always found Laura Ingalls (from "Little House on the Prarie") pet name for her husband kinda sexy... "Manly".


What's your bf's first name? We might be able to make a play off that too!

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John Deere tractors, favorite color is green, he owns his own landscaping business, is a volunteer firefighter, likes welding and building stuff, likes Dukes of Hazzard, is kinda redneck, and he loves the winter and snow.

Tim "The tool man" Taylor.


Ask him if he's re-wired anything lately... like the fridge or garbage disposal.

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Mine: Boo Boo


Pumpkinbutt, pumpkin, foofoo, poopie, munchkin, misiu (polish for teddy bear), sweetie pie, cutie patutie...


These are VERY over-the-top, but my boyfriend and I like to have fun with it. Or embarrass each other lol

But I agree, it should come naturally, not seem forced.

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