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hi everyone


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Welll the story goes liek this

Me and a few of my friends were up at a ski hill on saturday night. we had a crap load of booze and more than anyone else i got tanked out of my mind. i dont really remember anything but one of my friends told me that i told one of the girls that i liked her. and i sort of do like her. well she said she remembers everything but i havent talked to her about what i told her yet. i dont think she likes me more than a friend but do you guys think that i should talk to her about it?or just forget about it since i dont remember. she broke up with her boyfriend on sunday. and today is monday. its a weird situation but i would love some comments


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Alcohol... Uhh oh

she broke up with her boyfriend on sunday. and today is monday
This is... unexpected. to say the best. I bet she had relationship problems. She may of always liked you, and when she heard that u liked her, she could of been overexcited and dumped her current bf without thinking.


Ask her out, is my opinion. though i dont beleave that it is under best circumstances, being alchol, the fact she dumped her bf is not usual either. Ask her out - if anything it will be intersting to see what happens.


Of course, if you have a gf, or someone you really like, think about it.

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