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Good examples of romancing a woman?

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So there was another thread that was talking about romance and one person said it was about lingerie and sex toys, others said it was about washing their car, someone else chocolates and candlelight.


What do you think?


Different woman like different things and it can be a personal thing, but even so, do you have examples that happened to you of what you thought was romantic? Was it romantic because of how it happened? Was it romantic because of who did it?


If you were day-dreaming of something romantic to happen to you, what would it be?

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Romancing someone starts with getting inside someone's head. You learn some of their likes (this is executed by LISTENING and ASKING QUESTIONS about your "target").


In general though - low lighting, a conversation that builds enough sexual tension, some aphrodesiac (sp?), and then leading them to an activity that THEY desire. You already know what they desire because you LISTENED and ASKED QUESTIONS previously.

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My preference would be a romantic meal for two in a restaurant. At a secluded table so you only have eyes for her. Doesn't have to be an expensive restaurant, it's the thought that counts. Then go to your house or hers or even a hotel room (if your relationship is that far advanced) and play some romantic music and make love to her.


I hope you have a good time.

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Well, you could always wash her car by candlelight while wearing lingerie and eating chocolate


ooooh, a guy in wet lingerie washing my car & getting chocolaty fingerprints and melted candlewax all over it.....I'm getting all tingly now.


Seriously, though, Chai had a great point -- about listening and paying attention. How many times do you catch yourself so focused on what you're going to say next that you completely miss what the other person said? Happens a lot.


My husband is hyper-observant...always has been. Because of that he's got this amazing knack for knowing just what to say and just what to get for gift-giving occasions. His observations told him more about me than anything else.


Romantic? How about the way he proposed (a week after our first date) by presenting me with the ring right in front of the Grandstand entrance of the racetrack where my horse was racing that night. Even after that short time, he knew how important that place was to me and he knew that event would mean more to me taking place there than over dinner in some anonymous fancy restaurant.

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