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my name is jeremy, i've been in a serios relationship with this boy sebastian for about four months, and now i think i'm losing him and i don't want to lose him, i feel like i'm going nuts.

we met over the internet and it was love at first sight when we met up the week after. i spent all my free time with sebastian until finally i started missing work just to spend time with him.

the first time we had sex, well didn't really ahve sex, he basically did everything and wouldn't let me do anything.

around the beginning of the second month we decided to move in together, he still wouldn't get completely undressed when we made love.

i love him so much though, that i just let it go,

but last week i was checking his text messages on his phone and his inbox was full with texts from some woman named nina i was reading them and basically the point is she's supposedly pregnant with his baby.

i sort of repressed this from him, and went on a drinking binge and kicked him out.

but we got around to talking about it and he told me that htis nina girl is actually a tranvestite, but she supposedly really is still pregnant but he doesn't believe it's his baby because he doesn'tremember having sex with her, and he says that he got really drunk with this nina and doesn't remember what happened that night. so he doesn't really know if it is his or not or whatever.

finally last week i discovered that sebastian is also a transvestite. i really have no problem with this, but sebastian foudn out that i knew and now he refusess to talk to me, but he says he still loves me but he's too emberassed. i feel like a foolish idiot and i don't know what to do . i want him back and there's so much happeneing and i just can't handle it all. and i don't know if i should trust him with this wwhole nina situation.



please give me good advice

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I think you really need to slow down in this relationship. How can you move in with someone after ONE month? No wonder there are a lot of nasty surprises now... If it is at all possible, I'd move out and just start dating, taking things slow.


Sounds to me that he has some issues in the sex department, are you his first real boyfriend? Did he have relationships with girls in the recent past (i.e. he just came out?)?


Did he allegedly sleep with this Nina before you and him met or during?


Take care,



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Hmmm, so this Nina is a tranvestite male-to-female?


Because...if they are, they cannot be pregnant. Even if they had the sex change, they do not actually transplant uterus' and ovaries into a male to make them reproductive, they just create a vagina. They cannot reproduce. If it's the other way around female pretending to be male, that is quite possible, but still....something seems sketchy. I would not be very trusting at this point, given he seems to be hiding things.


I think that it would be better for you to move on. I think you feel for what you thought he was, whom he presented, and not for whom he REALLY was. There seems to be a bit of dishonesty here, which is not good for a long term healthy relationship. In the future, I would be very careful about moving in so fast. Take the time to build a relationship, to know one another, before taking that step. You really should know a LOT before you move in, not just what they present to you when you first start dating.


Take care, I am sorry to hear of this, but I think in the long run it is best to move on from this situation and find someone more trustworthy and honest with you, and in a healthier place.

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So let me get this right You have known hiom several months found out he got soo drunk one night that he might have gotten some girl pg but doesnt know and know he's a tranny??

Your friend likes to keep big secrets from you, in my book thats not a frind in the least bit. YOu sound like you have a lot of feelings for him and those may be difficult to get over but what more might he be hiding from you? YOu don't know. I think its time to set sail and go elswhere. How you choose to do things is up to you but if I where in your shoes, I would be telling him to hit the road.


Hope this helps



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I think you should really heed the advice in this thread. Slow down the relationship. Moving in together within a month isn't a good idea.

You didn't give yourself enough time to let the relationship grow...


On that note there is no way a transvestite can become pregnant unless she was born female, which would make her a natural woman not a tranny...And now HE is a transvestite?


It seems like this entire relationship has been built on deceit. I think you should take a step back away from the relationship and get some professional counseling if you seriously want to salvage it...both of you.

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