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Ok this will sound silly...


Im a reasonably intelligent person doing my A/S''s in college. Im doing Bio, Geography, and History. I want to follow up on maybe these courses at a university but my main problem is I want to become a professional rugby player ive got the pottential as I play for my local team and have been shown interested by scouts for acadamies. As the general pro rugby player retires or nears the end of his career at 40 and thats a high age for a forward im a back somy game involves more forward running work. so it would be stupid going for this when at 40 I would have to retrain so my action plan is to go to a good rugby university and get in to the rugby team first 15 and put in loads of work so I can get my degree and then start playing rugby for a team. preferably a welsh region but if i cant get in an english club will have space?????

Once im in a club i will want to be a Welsh international by the time im 25 i know this is unrelistic but all I want to do is play rugby but my parants dont want me to close doors as a career threatening injury or losing form and getting dropped or whatever anyone been in a similar situation.

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Lets face it, sports are great you get paid for doing a job you love and your in the public eye being admired. One thing to remember is that a knee or back injury can immediately end you career in rugby. Its important not to lose that love of the game spirit that you have, its also important to have options available. For instance keep up with rugby and find some courses you really enjoy so that if your rugby plans dont go you have an alternative.

In addition, keeping rugby as a past time is an excellent escape especially after a rough day at the office. You go play your self out on the field and you are rested and set to tackle another day at the office, as well it helps you keep a hot bod which is great for those games off the field.


Hope this hleps



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I would say find a school that allows you to play rugby and wants you on their team. You go to college and are into rugby...remember college educations are important! Win win situation right there...it could also prepare you for professional sports if you want to do that after college.

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I was just thinking if I went into the acadamies of one of the regions preferably the ospreys they will be able to guide me in life sooner and ill be under the supervision of professionals. In a university probably cardiff I would play in a uni team but am not guaranteed exposute to a top level and when people are making there debut's for clubs at 19 I have to wait until 21 to reach that level. I have honestly never come up against an outside half that has outplayed me but if i do go in to it at 16 it leaves me with no qualifications but maybe i could do some coaching courses or become a commentator (if i make a big mark). Rugby is not as highly payed as soccer in the uk but is better than your average jobs with top players getting £150,000 a year and also I would love the lifestyle and my ultimate dream is running out for wales in the millennium stadium infront of 78,000 rugby fans but mostly just pulling on that red jumper looking down at the princes feathers and representing wales.

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Hi Derge,


It sounds like you are still young and have so much to experience. I would say that you need to follow your dream, but also get a good education to fall back on. You never know when you will get hurt. I missed out on following my dream because I had a great job and did not have the time to pursue my passion. Now I am too old and have had many jobs. It is a big regret becuase it made me happy. I think that you can do both, just make sure you get an education so that you can get a good job, if things don't work out. But, stay focused and believe that things will work out and I am sure they will. We are all so scared to follow our dreams. I don't think they have many surfers in the UK, but I can think of all the surfers in my country who were looked at as slackers. Some followed their dreams and now earn a living doing what they love. That goes for skateboarders and snowboarders. I obviously love extreme sports. Back when I was doing these types of sports, it was so hard to do what you liked and there was no money. I really look up to these guys and gals that followed their dreams. Just don't be a slacker and depend on your talents. You need to multi task and do your sport as well as get a good education. You can do it!

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