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I just can't stop the thoughts. I am really unhappy at this point.


Basically my ex broke up with me about 5 months ago. I'm still not over him, time is healing somewhat. But its times like these that really get me. I spent 2 years with him. And took every minute of it for granted. I am all alone this winter break. Away from my family, cause they don't make me happy, my friends have all gone home. So I sit here in front of the computer on weekends and think about him and how happy he is. How he is seeing all his friends and with his family. And having so much fun.


I know I should not compare, and that I should make my own life better. But I feel really depressed and I miss him so much...I already asked him for a second chance, except he said no...he's been with other girls..


I know I am just venting here, and I know I just need to be happy and let the days pass. I am so tempted to call...just to talk to him. Even though time and time again I know he won't make me happy. He's not the same person I was in love with or thought loved me. He no longer cares. And for me, it's hard to accept. So I don't know what...or how to feel happy when I am alone.

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Believe it or not, you aren the only one feeling like that. my exgf broke up with me about 4 months ago. im still not over it. it was my mistake to attach myself to her and cling on to her for dear life. i had lost all my friends and she was all i had. i built myself around her life and she knew this. she decided to leave me anyways. it was a bad break up and i tried to call her on thanks giving and we talked for a few minutes. i tried to call a few days later and she wrote me a msg saying that her life has been so much better without me in it and to stop calling her. so i called a few times and wrote a few text messages preetty much beggin her not to throw away everything after we had known eachother for 7+ years. and thats been it. i was stupid to revolve my life around her and when she left it hit hard, really hard. like you say the fact she doesnt care and shes moved on, it really makes you feel pretty down about yourself i guess. it just hurts me and i cant stop thinking about it so much cause it felt like she was the best thing that ever happened to me and now its gone and she doesnt even give one piece of * * * * about me after everything. i try hard but theirs days when i break down and just want to call her, or i goto her website or some stupid ish. ive become so weak and pathetic it amazes me.

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It can be hard to get over loneliness, yet a good way to get out of this unhappiness is to get active! Only then will you be able to enjoy life and truly see what happy things are waiting for you. I am sure it will still take time to get over your ex, but you can stilll be happy being single. Go and out exercise, or maybe do something you like doing. As long as you stay active in pursuit of something, you'll feel better about things. Good luck.

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I know how both of you are feeling, I had been in a relationship with my ex for 6 years, I was about to ask her to marry me, then I made a final mistake and it was all over.


If there is one thing I can tell you, is to take a lesson from every relationship you have, really analyse what happened what went wrong, don't ruminate over it though, just take it as a lesson. When you make a mistake you don't keep replaying it over and over right? Well don't do that with this relationship, think about what you did wrong, or what went wrong, and try your best in the next relationship to make it not happen again. Better yet, fix yourself before you get into a new relationship and then only when you are the best you can be, jump into the ocean and catch some new "fishes"!


I have been watching a lot of movies lately and found some quotes that are relevent to our issues, "you find yourself wishing the one you loved never existed. ....So that you might be spared your pain"


I am sure most of us that have lost someone special in our lives feel, but then again "why do we fall down? so that we can learn to pick ourselves up"


As might be able to tell, both of these quotes come from Batman Begins, maybe it is just me, maybe I watched that movie at a time when I speicificly need to hear those lines, but I keep rewatching it and it always puts things into perspective for me.


Ever painful experience we go through changes us, you have to learn from your experiences or they will just happen again and again. Sometimes I look back at the life I had with my ex, and cry for all that I have lost, but I also look forward and I am happy for all the oppritunity she has given me, all the lessons and experiences she has given me to take into the future so I can have an amazing future!


I know most of you who read this and are in pain will be thinking that this is all crap and I agree most days I think the same thing, but then I will have a good day, like today, when things don't seem that bad, that I realize that spring is only a coupe months away and that the sun will rise again tomorrow!


Keep on going, it will get better, I promise, just keep learning and working on yourself and I guaruantee* it will get better.


*Not a guarantee(joke)


Take care all you, and remember you are never alone!

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