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Pregnant dumped and drugs

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Ok well i have been with this guy for 5 months now an i am 3 months pregnant we were soo in love .... yea we had a fight every day not big ones we just get o each others nerves but at the end of each day we stilll loved each other .... but yesterday was differrent !! he stood me up ... said he was sick .... when i rang him he was with this chick v doing xtc...... so i hung up an sent him an abusive txt msg cause i was soo angry ..... then an hour later i get these msgs ...... exactly how they were written by the way


laeve me alonde wer finnished no nor rhit gts over dnt tyt me anximrp

dual of fa rhit over yer finisheed v dnt evn tuch me * * * * of laeve me alonem i never wat 2 c u aggain litch


umm soo i dont no what the go with that is .... should i take if for real ?? ud think after 5 months 2gether hed have the decency to break up with me a. when hes not high as a kite b. in person


im soo stressed out an its really not good for the baby!! what do u think i should do ?? should i leave him for a few days wait for him to contact me ??? or what should i do ... somebody plz help!!!

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Well... do you really want to be with someone on drugs and who needs at least some schooling beyond what they currently have? Not being mean here... just the fact that youre 17 and have a full life in front of you. That baby is the important thing now, not him and his druggin ways. At least, thats my opinion.

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I second that one lion. You're 17, pregnant, and want to be with the father who you say you 'fight with everyday' and he's on drugs. That doesn't sound like the relationship you need to raise a child.


Do your parents know? Do you have a plan to support your child? These are the important things right now. As soon as you are pregnant everything else comes second I'm afraid.


If you really want to be a good mother, don't raise your child with a man who is a druggie.

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his new gf keeps msgn me an wont * * * * off ... she says he is now her prince of darkness what the * * * * is with that * * * *!!! he said he wants nothing to do with me or our baby .... i dont no what i am gonna do i am soo heartbroken i love him soo much ..... an was fully excited bout our lil family ..... i hope he comes back soon .... but some things really have to change .... yea the drugs an his anger

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please listen... sadly, the majority of your average slack-jawed teenage - early-20 something guys are mindless, careless, selfish punks who don't want to project much into their future beyond getting drunk/high on the weekend and doing it with some barbie-doll figured girl.


did you READ what he sent you? here it is again in plain english...


leave me alone, we're finished, no you're right, it's over, don't text me anymore

(something unintelligible) we're finished and don't even touch me, f*** off, leave me alone, i never want to see you again bitc*.


at least that's how I read it. Girl, if you can't feel the hostility in that message I can't help you.

You shouldn't be hoping for this guy to return you should be on your knees thanking God and whatever heavenly powers you pray to, grateful that you dodged a bullet. It will be hard raising a kid and you have some real serious grown up thinking to do... by all means keep reading and posting here... it's good to feel people are hearing you... you should also involve your family if you can or friends, real people who will be able to be with you in the coming tough times. BUT!!! whatever you do.... remember, this guy is poison to you. If you let him back into your life he will cause you pain, hardship and ultimately regret. I'm sorry you're in this position. It will make you older and most likely harder, but you will survive. This guy though, he is a lost cause. Cut him adrift before he sinks everyone on board.



Sincere best wishes and much luck.

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