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Chase him or leave it?

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Hi all


I recently broke up with my long term boyfriend because i liked someone else. I had to be honest with him because I couldnt keep living a lie and pretending that I didnt like this other guy. Anyway this other guy is really good looking and knows it. He has told me he likes me and invites me round to his house and we have loads in common. When we're together he's really sweet and acts like he likes me sooo much BUT when were not together he doesnt make any effort at all. Its always me who calls and contacts him and most of the time he doesnt reply. I just dont get him. Ive never chased a guy before like this. He is all i think about day and night. When were sitting on his sofa watching tv we act like a couple and cuddle up together and kiss but as soon as im out his house its as if he doesnt care less. Please can someone tell me what is going on in his head? Why does he act like he loves me when i'm with him but forgets about me when we're not. I feel so stupid chasing him but I do it cos i love him



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