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Final Exam Tomorrow- Pass or Fail the course... need good wishes!!

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Hi Everyone...



Tomorrow at 8 am I have my final exam.... we need a 78 or above to pass the exam, and it is make or break..... below a 78 and we fail the course!!!


I need all your good wishes and karma and prayers sent my way.... This has been 4 months of pure heck....I've worked my tail off and I am going into the final with a 92 average.... but still need this grade! If I don't get a 78 or above, it's all for nothing... I fail anyway.


9 people out of 33 last semester failed the final and 10 people failed the semester before.... I am very nervous, but I've been studying!!


So PLEASE, everyone out there! Pray for me! Sent your good karma! I need it!!






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Best of Luck on the final.


Always have to consider the people that fail, just how much time they actually put into the course, and studying for the final itself. I've had Psychology courses where the Final is a make or break and more than a handful (or half a class or more in extreme cases) will fail for one reason or another, but I'll end up passing.


Now paired with that statement above, Going in with a 92% at the time of the final and putting that time and effort into studying, I'd say you have a pretty good chance at not only passing but doing well on the final.

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Hey Hope!!


Sending over good wishes to you. I know you will OWN that exam. You are a very intellegent person and you worked your tail off, there should be no reason for you not to do well. But I understand your jitters, when I was in school, I always worried too, even though I showed up to every class, read all the material, took great notes, etc. But I always ended up doing well and so will you. Let us know how you think you did. Chin up, you will knock them dead!

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Thankyou everyone!


I hope to pass, I just don't want to be too confident, because that could be the death of me. I will get my grade posted by tomorrow afternoon, so I will know in time to meet my class at 6 pm at a restaraunt for some celebrating!


Oh God, please just let me pass!!

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