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I am still in highschool, grade 12 next year. I am so lost on what i want to do, or what courses i should take. My strengths are in english and writing but i don't enjoy alot of it really. I cant decide whether to go to college or university. Or maybe i want to get into a skilled trade, but then i start to think that if i dont go to university i'll be lost in life and have no oportunities. thats the message i've gotten over the years. i want to do something where i can help other people, where im not stuck doing one thing everyday and where i can be phsyically active. bah i need some help here

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Go pick up a book on careers and stuff. My dad has a book (outdated) by Martin Yate called "Career Smarts: Jobs with a Future." It's good because that type of book tells you what jobs have money and look at the skills you need for them. Explains the jobs a little...and lets you know about how much they will make annually.

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You can call your local police/firefighting department, and ask to be put through to the HR department, where they should be able to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the job.


That includes: What qualifications you might need, and thereforeeee, what subjects you should pick.


Good luck.

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