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i offered him a rose

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i seen him last nitgh and i haven't seen him in months well i offerd him a rose but he refused it, he took it but gave it bak and said he had no place to put it well it doesn't matter i just felt like giving a rose and i also offered my father but they both refused it didn't have aplace to put but they are both mean!

so iwas wondering what do u think if i did a wrong thing or not giving a yellow rose to an ex , i didn't doit to expect something in return i just did it to show my affection, but maybe he did take it the wrong way...

i know for a fact me and him would never get bak together but i was just wondering what guys think

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really i d n't care if he thinks that the reaosn i gave him the rose was because i want him bak i could careless i didn't even realize what i was doingti'll after i just figured since he was my friend i can still give him one but wat iam trying to figure out is how would he felt by me doing this... he can think i want him bak or not think at all about it, but really i know myself i don't want to get bak with him...

i was st wondering how a guy thinks about this situation...u

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