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I am so wretched right now. I left my boyfriend because I was unhappy and went with someone else, then that ended and I got back with my boyfiriend. But all the issues are still there except now I feel I am staying with him because I have nothing else. I have no job and no money and being with him helps keep me occupied and my mind off my situation ie that I feel totally and utterly alone and useless.


I am getting over an abortion and my emotions are all over the place. I have not spent a night at my own place for nearly a month. I know I am doing the wrong thing by staying and I feel I am using him. Its worse because since I cheated I worry he will do the same and feel very insecure. He says I just have to trust him.


As you can imagine my self-esteem is at rock bottom. If I had a job I would feel so much better about myself and stop focussing on him so much, IfI felt I had more than nothing I could start to build my life back up agian but how do I do this????

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Sorry that you are going through this; and even more so sorry to tell you that, yes, you are using him.

And no, it's not fair.


Don't post here for a job - get out and find one.

After you find a job, get an appartment.

After you get an appartment, work on your issues with men, etc.


Set achievable goals, and conquer them, one by one.

Work through the obstacles and do what you have to do.


It would be incredibly easy for someone who has went through all of that to resign themself to excuses for wallowing in self-pity - but if you are strong, you will pick yourself up from this mess and do right.


PM me if you want to talk, or to let me know how you are doing.

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