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I am worried about my Uncle.

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We had to take my Uncle to the Emergency Room this past Thurs. night. he began feeling bad on Tues. He had body aches and fever. By Thurs. when we took him to the ER his fever was 104 and he was dehydrated and wasnt even lucid. He didnt even know who had taken him to the ER until they had hydrated him and given him some antibiotics. He was that out of it. Well, after the IV hydration and the antibiotics, they sent him home. He has medication he is taking and they also told him to take Motrin for him fever. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia. He is still not doing well at all. He is still "out of it" for lack of a better phrase. He's talking, but half of what he says makes no sense. Then, this morning, he's had blood in his stool, AND to top things off, he is an alcoholic. He doesnt think he has a problem, but he does. He has even started coming home from work early so he can get a drink, ect ........ His drinking has really gotten bad in the past year. He has been drinking this whole time he has been sick. We know he needs to go back to the ER, but we cant get him to. We may have to call the ambulance if he gets any worse. I just dont know what to do. I know this is getting serious though.

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