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okay so i wanted to post something and this a good place to do that

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hello all. i have reading posts about depression for that last 25 minutes and so i thought i would post about my life and tell you what as happened to me. ok i come from a loving family very close , when i was 12 i went to junior high, when i was 13 i lost my grandfather to lung cancer, when i was 14 i went though a very rough time and thought of commiting sucide on couple of occains. My life seemed like there was no meaning there was no next step in the ladder of my life i was stuck on one step and i wanted to leave. mY uant and cousins son died in a house fire in november of 2004. Things got worse when my boyfriend of 5 months dumped me, then 2 months later dated my bestfriend. In Mayof 2005 i started dating my now boyfriend. In july of 2005 i read a book about a boy who was abused by his mother and i realized my life isnt as bad as i had thought. And ever since i read his books about his life and what he went through i knew i could get through anything and i havent thought about commiting sucide since. And plus now i have someone by my side to help my through anything. He is my stone. I tell him everything he is my new bestfriend. And hopefully he'll b here for years to come!! thanks for reading!! sorry its so long!!!

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Wow, you have been through a lot! A lot of pain for someone of your age I am happy to hear that life is looking up for you. So many times depression leads us not to see the light at the end of the tunnel, like there is no tomorrow. But as you realize now, you would have never experienced the joy you feel today had you ended your life! Good job for your self revelations!

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