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Hi all,


Just wanted to share a great experience with you. I have not dated after my NC with the ex. I met this girl online, but not a dating site. Her pictures were very attractive and we talked about meeting. After a few e-mails and phone calls we decided to meet. She flaked on me the first time, but we ended up meeting today. My intentions were to meet a new friend and possibly more. I told myself that I would not judge her looks and just meet a new friend. Well, she was not as beautiful in person, but we got along so well and she has the most beautiful smile in the world. We hung out for about five hours and it was great. After some amazing kissing she felt she should leave. As I told her, it was good she left because things could have gotten out of control. lol I am pretty happy right now because I did not do anything I would regret and she and I can still hang out. I don't know if I want more than a friendship, but it was so nice to be with a sweet woman and have a good time. Although this is hard to say, but I am glad she left and we did not have sex. She is really cute, but now we have the option of being friends or more if things work out that way. It was just a fun night with a nice woman. I can't stop thinking about her smile, but am happy I did not pursue the issue. She seemed to like me as well, but was also respectful. I am more concerned about meeting a new friend than having a one night stand. I guess she and I will have to figure out if a friendship is more important than sex. Or I have to decide if I want to have sex with a woman that may not be the one I want to date. It is a very delicate situation and will try to do the right thing. I am just happy that I met a woman that was so sweet and had a great time with. Sure I will think about my ex, but this was a great night and am not thinking about my ex. I am just thinking about what I would do if she was still here. lol Restraint can be a good thing. : )



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