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drunken kiss aftermath...........help


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I posted this past summer about an incident where i cheated on my gf with a drunken kiss. It's been six months since this happened now and i decided not to tell based on this forums advice. I've been with my gf for over a year now and am completely in love with her. I've learned from the mistake I made to watch myself more carefully when drinking. I'll never cheat again obviously. But recently maybe its just the holiday chear but I've been getting sick to my stomach over the mistake i made. I know it was menial and she'll never know, yet should I ever tell her. This girl has become my best friend and i believe shes my soul mate I've never kept anything from her besides this. I want to relieve my guilt by telling her, but i fear it could permanently damage our relationship thats become so wonderful. Also by telling her she'd be hurt. I love her so much and i know she loves me. I get so disgusted with myself when i think back to it. I wanna give her everything she deserves. She'll never find out about this. And the guilt has gone away alot since it happened but it does come back. I just wanna know would it ever be ok to tell her or should i keep on keeping this to myself until it becomes a far away memory.

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Ok, maybe u might not want to tell her, though u should have long ago when it happened in the first place. If tell her about the kiss now, she'll prollie think it was doen on purpose. U really shouldn't drink at all if u cna't control urself. But, look if u get drunk again and it leads to to another drunken kiss or even goes deeper into sex, then tell her right away. Hopefully u leran ur lesson.

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I say the same thing, don't tell, since it was just a kiss and u were drunk, don't tell, now if there was something more to it, then tell. Or if it was somethingr ecently then tell, but 6 months ago is pretty long. I cheated on my b/f 3 yrs ago by making out with another guy and still haven't told him and ain't. He trusts me and I don't wanna lose it for some stupid meaningless kiss. And ur question wut would I do if he told me about getting drunk and kissing a random girl, I would tell him not to drink again. I might not even count it.

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Well, ur not alone bulls, when ur drunk u really don't know wut ur doing. Same thing happened to me two months ago now and still haven't told my b/f about it, I accidently kiss another guy who I really thought it was my b/f. My friends had to tell him this cuz I tend not to remember anyhting at all when I got drunk, so thereforeeee, from that day I have decided not to drink again. Having blackouts isn't healthy cuz who knows, it would have been worst if my friends weren't there to stop me, which they did, pulling that guy away from me when they saw him ready to take me to a room, when I was cursing all the way out, I still don't remember wut i say. And yes I have pay the property damage I did to my cuz's house, and funny I still don't remember that either. That day my friends took me home and I passes out. Then the next day I threw up and had a headache all day. Better if u don't tell her, since it was just a kiss like in my case, I say forgive urself and next time either drink less or not at all.

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I am going to go a different path than everyone else...


If you g/f kissed some guy would you want to know?


I think she has the right to know, even though it might end the relationship. What if she somehow finds out 10 years down the road? Also, just because your drunk isnt a very good excuse. The longer you wait to tell her, the harder it will be to, and the harder she will take it.

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Don’t ruin something you should cherish! Don’t tell her until you’re really old and you are gramps … then tell her, if you remember that is , and maybe she will give you a smile … as for now just enjoy the ride and whenever you feel bad about it just hold her tight and tell her you love her ..or call her and do the same


It worked for me …doe I don’t remember what it was that I felt so bad about


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