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I have a good friend who doesn't live in the same country as I do. Well, she's a girl, and before I go on: No, what I'm about to ask has nothing to do with the word romantic, just to be clear.


Anyway, she's on vacation, and she has plans that someday she'll visit the US, etc, but that'd be in a while. So, I was just thinking (and that's all it is, ok? just a thought, not that I'll necessarily do it), that since I have like 2 grand in my life's savings, and I dunno what to do with those really, and since she's on vacation and done with highschool already, I could send it to her or something so maybe she could come visit the US during her vacation. Now, it was just a thought ok? Like sometimes I think I might just buy something else, like a cheap moped or something, lol. But I was just wondering what others would think about that, ok? Cause to be honest, I seriously doubt she'd even accept it. Just a little "what if?" you know what I mean? Just testing how crazy my thoughts are here... Well thanks for any input. Best wishes.

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You seem like a really great friend. Thinking about spending your lifesavings on someone else--friend or not--is quite something. But, I agree with the responses already posted. Keep your lifesavings, because they will definitely come in handy and what with interest rates going up, you could make a nice sum in a couple years.

But financial issues aside, I think you should just let her know that she's welcome to come and visit you or, as others said, go visit her.

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