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Over the past 2 months, a coworker and I have been hanging out a lot, talking, emailing. He has helped me a lot with advice on how to do my job and I know its because he feels like he's not been treated well here. We have become emotionally close as well, talking about families, death, life, etc and have ended up teary eyed on multiple occasions. I gave him a hug and we've hugged a few times. I've even been invited by his gf to spend time with her and her family. He was depressed on his birthday and she invited me over as a surprise for him.

Recently, he has started doing little things like pick lint off of my collar. He has said he treasures the time we spend together, and when I was late arriving back from a business trip, he emailed to say he was worried although he'd never admit that to anyone despite the fact he was admiting it to me, but we can keep that between us. I thought that was a little strange - friends are allowed to worry, aren't they? What is the big secret?

A coworker mentioned that she thinks he may have a little crush on me judging by the way she saw us talking, but she seemed to think the crush was because he knew he'd never have me. I must admit I have a crush on him too and I am wondering if 2 people who have crushes (although neither has admited this) can still be friends, or will it end in disaster (especially because of his gf?)

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I would say to keep your feelings hidden for now. Neither one of you have had any sexual contact so you are not invested in that way. If he and his girl break up, then you might pursue, but now would not be good. I realize that true love is unstoppable, but wait and see if he and his gf breakup. If he were to break up with her for you, then I think it would compremise you both. He is either happy in his relationship or not. If he is, then you can't come between it. If he is not, then he needs to leave with out knowing you will be there waiting. Just put yourself in his girlfriends shoes. I am just thinking about the other person and I am sure it is probably hard being in your shoes. But, I am sure you would not want to be with a guy that would either leave his woman for another or cheat on her. Good luck.

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