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I'm 15. Im in Year 11 at my school. There's a girl who's in Year 13 (last year at my school) but she's only 16 (she must have been moved up a year or something). Anyways, she doesn't know me and I don't know her excpet that I've found out her name. We've never met. But, I really want to meet her and know her and possible date her if possible. And I need to do it fast as the first term has just finished. So...Ive only got two more terms to get her before she leaves for university. Now, I need to know how I can approach her. I'm preferably looking for an 'excuse' for approaching her. For example, say she's in the library. I could drop my book by her and see if she picks it up or something. But....thats an unlikely scenario especially as I haven't ever seen her in the library or computer room. And, I really want to avoid going up to her while she is standing around in the middle of the school yard talking to her friends and saying 'hi' randomly. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do? She's a weekly boarder and so am I. So, she's around in night times as well. Also, she doesn't have a boyfriend cos I've done research and checked up about it. Also, there's a boy in my year who's trying to get her. But he's only trying to get a kiss from her rather than love or friendship cos I saw him do high five with one of his mates after talking to this girl. Plus, he has orange hair and I doubt this girl will like him. But, she might like me....I hope... ....I just need to find out about how I can approach her...Thank you all for any advice!!!!

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Hey now, what's wrong with red or orange hair!


I think it may be difficult since you don't have much opportunities to spend time with her in class, or outside of it, unless there is a chance you can see her during the week during dinner or something?


There must be SOME times when she is not around her friends, walking to class or something, and so you will have to seize the opportunity and go and talk to her.


And just keep in mind, she does not know you, so she won't like you back right away! You have to find opportunities to talk to her and build some knowledge of one another and see what happens. There is no guarantee she will like you back, or that you will even like her once you talk to her, but then again, it may happen! So, it's nerve wracking, but just do it..and see what happens!


Good luck.

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OK, first, don't look at it as if you need to get everything done at once. Tkae a step on one day, then take another step on a day in the future.


Begin just saying hello or hi. Find out a time when she will be some where, prefereably alone, try to be walking past her. Smile slightly and say hi or good morning or whatever. Do it on a few days, and she will look forward to passing the guy who smiles and says hi, soon she will be ready to talk to you.


OK, you have done some research. Find out an interest or two if you can. Say she likes expressionist art or reading true crime novels or whatever, learn a bit about something and ask her about it one day. After that, you are in.

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Ok. Thanks people. But...say Im walking along and shes walking along the other way. I cant just smile to her and say hi when she dont know me nor can I stop altogether and say hi and start knowing her. I mean there must be some trick so that I could 'bump' into her by accident or something...you know....I just cant smile to her randomly...unless we were the only ones left on the planet...then i guess we could...

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