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Sometimes breaking up can be the best thing to happen to you

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Right well I had a bit of a messy break up and had kazillions of questions running through my head, hit the bottle, had sleepless nights and pretty much fell to bits.


But believe me sometimes it is for the best. You may not think so now but a couple of months down the line you will believe it if you take the right steps.


I thought self help books were garbage but some of them are really great. Anyway this is what has happened over the past 2 months:


I went through the whole grieving thing, hung around with friends till they were bored to tears with my obsessive analysing. But I said right...lets beat him to it while he is out getting drunk at every opportunity, possibly sleeping with anything that moves and doesn't deal with it let me see what I can do for myself.


So I went and got myself a personal trainer, im in great shape, my friends are all around me and now im off on holiday. Believe me people it may not seem like it now but you will get better. In the future I am expecting a healthy friendship with him. But for now I am trying to move on, having lots of dates re-discovering who I really am. People have said breaking up was the best thing that you ever did. You look great. I sent my ex a Christmas card yesterday NOT expecting a response. When you get to this stage, some memories will still linger but I'm working on processing them. But believe in Karma. By wishing him well, not now but some day in the not too distant future it will pay dividends. Hang in there people you can get through this.


Some of the books I thought were great:


Humped me Dumped me, He's just not that into you and Its called a break up because it's broken.


Take heart it will get better. I have now got to 60 days without NC and even though sometimes I want to backtrack I feel I've made it this far and emotional button he was pushing is no longer there. I MAY contact him after my holidays...this is something I am debating but either way I will keep you posted. Hang in there people. NO contact is not one way...it is the only way that you will get stronger! Best of luck.

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