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whts goin thru her head!!

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havnt posted on this site for a loong time. anyways me and the ex have been broken up for 7 months or so. Took me a good 4 months to really start getting over her. We got back to school...... and i basically did not allow her to come to my house for any parties or anything because i wanted to go no contact. so basically september and october the only time we would see eachother would be if we ended up at the same bar. Then early november we started talkin again when we were out on a casual basis. She would be real flirty but I just kept thinkin in my mind nothings gonna come of this. The one night she ends up commin back to my house after the bar....(i gave her and her roomates a ride back) and her and i are just hanging out in my room talking, being close, and just chattin about our families. She told me she lost her phone so i drove us both back to the bar to pick it up....afterwards she was giving me hugs....kinda nuzzeling her head into me, so i just ended up drivin her home that night. Next night same scinero........@ my house she was talkin to my roomate and told him that a bunch of people want her to get back together with me but she dosnt know......she was real drunk so once again i walked her back to her place. Then from there on we started talkin online a bunch, but what alwasy happens is we will talk for 2-3 days then not at all for 4-5. I dont know wht the hells goin thru her head. Again last week we met out @ a bar and when it was time to take a cab home she didnt have a coat and it was freezin so i gave her mine and just froze to death. So I hope im doin the right thing here. Anyways I dont want this to be a scinero where we hook up and are back together.....I want to be as respectable as possible about it if we get back together so it is legit and will work. The thing that sucks is im bascially the person who always has to make the move and she rarely does so i dont know what to do next. We are home on winter break right now and live a half hr away so i dont know whether to ask her to a movie or what?!? or just not call and let her make the next move (if she will)


anyways thanks for ur input in advance


and she broke up with me btw......i got old posts about the breakup, but i dont really think about what went wrong anymore.

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I would let her make a move, since she was the one to break up. Sounds like she still wants to see you, but I think she might be a bit hesitant right now (which could explain the periods of no contact after speaking to each other regularly). Take things slow!!





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I would agree with that. Just be friendly but don't give her any signs that you are ready to get back with her. Attraction works that way - if you seem too easy for her to get back she isn't going to be as attracted.


My gf broke up with me b/c she said she wasn't as attracted. The reason I think was that I let myself get too caught up in her life and didn't keep up with my own life. So she didn't see any challenge in keeping me anymore.

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