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We're all crazy


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We're all crazy


Surprisingly it works

Have our own little quirks

Somethings we do to make a our own point

Smoking another joint

I've become lazy

Suddenly everything is hazy

Starting to think about what to eat

As I rock out to this beat

Light up a smoke instead

Starting to think about bed

Didn't make a new friend today

Could care less what anyone had to say

I needed time alone

To be in my own zone

Another day on this planet earth

Since the day I was giving birth

Got a big smile on my face

Suddenly I'm not such a waste

Learning to love my self one day at a time

Writing in down in a rhyme

Damn, if only everyone knew

That they are all crazy too

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Hey Sadness_Creeping


I love your poems! It's like you are expressing what is in my head!


I've become lazy too and also just need my own space

We seem to have the same attitudes too lol.


Yeah I'm on a similar journey, trying to love myself, and it's always when I look at how lucky I am to be here and see the beautiful things, this beautiful planet that I realise that maybe "I'm not such a waste" too.


Take care.

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