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i know i have to talk to him, but how?


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There is this guy, let's call him J, Okay, so J is a generally quiet person and he makes the effort to come and talk to me, though. He's just trying to get to know me, but i just kind of brushed him off. I listened and responded sometimes, but then a lot of the time, my mind isn't really focused on him. Now, he doesn't really talk to me anymore. He still smiles at me and he's being really respectable of my space, but I know i have to talk to him, or just at least let him know that i actually really like him as a person. I'm really shy myself and not known to be very open, but i feel like i have talk to him. I know i should talk to him, but i just can;t bring myself to do it. It's just too awkward for me. ANy tips on how to get myself out there and just talk to him. I know i'm making this so much more complicated than it needs to be, but i feel really bad about how ignorant i was to this guy.

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