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I was lucky enough to be able to listen a 27 year old taped recording of my dad who passed on just over a year ago. He loved to sing these really beautiful spanish songs when he was doing things around the house, when he showered, or when he was cooking. They are some of my most cherished memories of my father. On the tape, he's singing his heart out while he was babysitting my sister and I when we were little and making some dinner.


Hearing him sing some songs that I haven't heard in so long and (not to mention getting onto us for getting into mischief) was one of the greatest gifts I could possibly receive. Even though I cried like a little baby as I listened, it was absolutely wonderful. I'm planning on transferring the content of those old cassettes to cd so that I can share this w/some of his siblings, as I know they would appreciate it as much as I did.


Well, it stirred up so many emotions within me that I thought I would also share this tidbit with all of you.


Peace and Happy Holidays.

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