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My friend is still mad at me and doesn't wanna talk to me


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Ok, I'm gonna start now. It's about how to make it up for my once best childhood friend, off course she doesn't wanna talk to me, last time I tried calling, I hang up. Thing is I did the unthinkable, went on a date with her now b/f and we made out, thing is I had kinda like a crush on him, but no, this doesn't justify it. Off course he told me that day it was wrong and left me, next thing I know, he told her himself. She's still with him and then my friend calls (mad off course) say she doesn't wanna talk to me anymore. So wut, now, I tried leaving messages, she wasn't there, and tried explaining it saying it was a mistake, but no use.

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So from what I get from your post, you went out with her boyfriend before she did, or at the same time as she did? Sorry, I am probably misreading.


If you went out with him before she started, then I don't think there is any reason for her to stop talking to you at all. You guys are best friends and she should know that you aren't out there to sabotage her relationship. If this is the case, perhaps you are being overbearing or 'threatening' in some way to her relationship with this guy. If this is what you feel has happened, just give her some space to get settled with her bf and see what happens later down the track.


If you basically cheated with her boyfriend (it's late at night, I'm probably reading your post all wrong, sorry!) then I would say that yes, she does have the right to be angry with you.


Sorry if I have completely misinterpreted, I'm exhausted!

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The fact that he's still with her is just ironic. He's not innocent himself.


What YOU did was wrong, but you're not stupid, you knew what you were doing. WHY you did it, is the question. Like PocoDiablo said, when they break up you might have a short of reviving your friendship, till then, doubtful


I know girls who stop being friends because their best friends date their EX's. Good luck anyways.


Next time think twice. And, uh, keep it in your pants.

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This may be a hard lesson learned. You can't afford to make those kind of mistakes with your enemies....let alone a friend.


Just give your friend her space and maybe she'll come back around one day- but don't count on it....


I do think it's intersting that she has banned you- but she is still with the boyfriend who made out with you....This is something I'll NEVER understand..... He obviously went on a date with you- and also was involved in making out- so why are you the only one she put in the doghouse? He probably only told her first, to save his behind....


Poor girl...hopefully she'll see his true colors too.




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