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So there's this girl in my art class. I don't know her at all really...I know her name and talked to her about eachothers art work on occasion, but that's it. I've had a bit of a crush on her since the beginning of the semester. So the reason why I'm bringing this up, is cause a few days ago I happened to notice that she was looking at me. When I looked up and made eye contact with her she quickly put her head down and acted like she was really busy. But then I'd look up ten minutes later and she'd be looking at me again. I'd be well accross the room talking to someone and she'd be looking at me again, but this time I looked up and made eye contact with her and smiled and she put her head down to hide the smile on her face.

This has happened for the past three days now. I want to know if that means she's interested? or just friendly or what? I really want to talk to her or something, but I don't know how to approach the situation. Like what do I say, without making myself look more so like an idiot, lol.



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hi - I think if you're feeling a "vibe" from her, she may like you. Or maybe she's just admiring your pretty earrings... I think you should, like DN said, talk to her, strike up a conversation about art. See how things go. I think if she's interested, you'll get more signals.


Good luck!!!

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I want to be able to striek up a conversation with her...but again the most our conversations have been just, "oh I like how you did this on your piece..." stuff like that.

Not to mention I'm super shy...which makes it easier said than done, unfortunately.


I guess I'll just look for a good opportunity to come along and try and make conversation.



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Definitely try sitting next to her in art class and talking about the subject at hand. Heck, invite her to a local art museum(as a friend of course)just to get some alone time about 'the subject matter."

I've found that a lot of artists are gay(not all, but a lot)...so you might be pleasantly surprised. ;-)

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