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what to buy her for x-mas??????????


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Hello, this is the first time that i have posted in this section of the site. Long story short, was with a girl for three years, she broke up with me two months ago, I was heartbroken! I still think about her a lot but I have since moved on and am dating a really great girl who I like a lot. we have been seeing each other steadily for about a week now (not long I know) but we have made an effort to see each other every day for extended periods of time becaus we both can't seem to get enough of eavch other. She tells me al the time how unbelieveably into me she is, how she really sees this going somewhere and how I have already become someone that she cares about alot. This makes me feelo very good because I too have some of those same thoughts. I just want to try to take things as they come seeing that I have more or less just gotten out of a three year relationship (she is unnaware that my previous relationship ended this recently...) anyway she agreed but says that she muct tell me what she is thinking anyway and that she does nt care if I say anything in return at this point in time which is great becaus there is no pressure. I do really enjoy her in many many ways, and I too can see things goign quite well for us to be honest! anyway, the real reason that i am writing is becasue she has made it clear on more than one occasion that she is getting me something for christmas wheteher I like it or not because she really wants too. At first I said please don't becaus again I did not want to move to fast but she is insisting and has continually dropped hints to me about what things I may liek and what my interests are in clothes and jewelery and what not. anyway, I now have to get her something, not that I don't want to, but I just don't want to get her anything that seems like 1. I don't care and just threw something together, and 2. is not too ver the top. I was thinking a nice perfume set or something alonmg those lines but I don't know really....what do you all think?

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Don't go overboard - it's been tooooo soon! Maybe a small perfume set. (If she likes perfume - lots of women don't.) Also remember, lots of women are very picky about the perfume they wear, and it's usually a personal preference of what they wear. Actually, I don't think you should buy her perfume at all. I personally only wear expensive perfumes (they're the only ones I like), and at this stage, I think a nice bottle of perfume is too much.


The $100 idea is good if she is a hooker. Otherwise... uh.... no. (I hope you were joking SXXY LADY!!!)


What is her style? Does she have pierced ears? A simple pair of earrings can cost $20 and be a lovely gift.


Maybe a hand lotion gift set from Bath and Body works?


What is your girl like? Preppy? Sporty? Punk?

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I would like to point out a few things. First, I would limit yourself to $50 tops. Second, you should be asking her lots of questions to find out what she wants! This is the whole point of dating.


What does she like to do? Where does she go?


For example, my GF is a huge Washington Redskins fan, so I bought her some NFL branded stuff, like a hooded sweatshirt. She loved it. No, it's not something girlie, but perfume? That just says you don't know anything about her unless it's one she really wants and you know it!


Thoughtful gifts mean you took the time to get to know HER and what she likes.

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Yeah, Poco is right. I think it will show your interest in her as well and she will appreciate it I'm sure like you appreciate her trying to find out your likes and dislikes. Hell, I've been in a relationship for how many months now and I still can't decide on the right gift to give LOL Maybe that has something to do with his expensive taste

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