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Wut's with him, he always acting weird!!!!!

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My issue is about my b/f of 2 years always acting weird, cuz when I come at his house and lets say someone calls, my b/f locks himself in his room and doesn't come out till he's done talking. But, see if it's his family he doesn't do that, he just does that if it's his friends calling. He's always with that excuse of privacy and that he doesn't want to be heard wut he tells his so called friend/s, wutsoever. Then on both occasions when it was my b-day almost all my friends were there and he wasn't, he finally shows up with the gift but at almost 1 am, when the party's long over and yes he did apologize on both occasions, on the first he say he been working too much and exams and that he had to turn an assignment, then the 2nd time he say his little bro got in trouble in school and that the teacher had a schedule for parent/teacher conference but they couldn't make it, so he came there, and yes it was night. Then the last weird thing is one time when I coming, think I heard a click, he turn of his comp. So, it's like basically I dunno know him, which feels very weird, is it just me overracting prollie, or is he being the weirdo. And no, I have never thought of checking his things nor hearding the convos with his friends on phone and following him, never. Uh, any suggestions?

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It soudns very frustrating what you are going through with your BF of 2 years. It seems like he doesn't want to include you into his private life with his friends. I don't think it is because he doesn't like you. No matter how passive someone may be they wont let a relationship last that long.

I think you should approach him on this subject let him know your true feelings. If he chooses not to change, which it seems that he's been doing this for a while. Maybe its time to break up, 2 years and things havent changed, thats a long time.

Ultimately the dicision is up to you. If you are happy with the way he is trating you then keep with it, f your not get out.

My concern is for you, he's hiding something. It could be anything from a girl to perhaps drugs. Who knows, yo don't and your in a serious relatinship with him for the last 2 years. Think about that.


I hope this helps as harsh as it seems but you deserve better, you owe it to your self.


Take care



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He's hiding something. I hate to admit it even all these years later, but I did the same thing with an ex of mine. I never wanted her to see what I was doing, locking all my email stuff, never letting my cell phone get out of reach so she couldn't see who I was talking to or text messaging.


I did it because I was starting to have feelings for another girl. I told some friends of mine about it to sort things out in my head, so I was really nervous anytime I'd get an email, text message, phone call, or invitation to go somewhere with them. When invited out, I'd often make my girlfriend feel like she wasn't invited so no one could have the opportunity to slip up and mention my feelings about this other girl.


It was a crappy thing to do. I realize that now. I was young and inexperienced. I'd handle things differently now.


Coincidentally, this was about 2 years into my relationship with my girlfriend at the time.

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Yea, he sure gots something to hide, I'm surprise that after these two years, u haven't yet address this issue to him and tell him how u feel. By reading ur post, it doesn't seem ur comfortable with the way he's treating u. Ever thought that maybe he was cheating on u the whole time or doing drugs?

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