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Changed Her Number So No Choice But To Nc

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I have split up with my girlfriend again this is about the 10th time!! There seems to b a pattern, i have been seeing her for 2 years on and off! For 6 weeks we have a top relationship then she goes all funny with me and says she needs time out then she says its over, then 6 weeks later she calls me and says she is missing me and we get back together, the complication is that, her ex is involved she was with him for 10 years and she has 3 kids with him, wen i get booted out he seems to b round there alot more cuz i have caught him, she says he just seein the kids, but i dont know how she feels about him!!!! Actually i dont think she knows how she feels about him or me, she says she loves me and im pretty sure she does!! I got dumped again 2 weeks ago and she contact me today saying she has missed me, she told me to get rest of things, we hugged and cryed and said bye, the catch is i want her back i love lots, but she has changed her number, although she has contacted me, and i know she will again, what do i do to get her back shall i write her a letter, shud i even get back with her cuz of the ex? Im in so much need i really dont know what to do, please help!!

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Wow, I think you should just drop her and move on. If you break up that many times and she still doesnt know what she wants then you need to find someone else. This pattern could continue for years. Go NC and move on.


Tell her how you feel, that you cannot do this anymore and tell her to let you move on b/c this isnt healthy.

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