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Thrush and stomach aches

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ok so i posted a few months back with the syptoms of thrush which i got treated but recently ive been having really bad stomach aches and everytime i have sex with my boyf i keep throwing up, i just had sex on sunday and i started having my stomach aches then my vigina started feeling really irritating like theres something inside it walking around. I just went to the chemist and got a canestine tablet but everytime i go for a wee at the end my whole body tenses and i get such a bad stomach ache i dont think i have any sexual dieases as my boyf got himself checked out. im so worried

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lil r

i would go to a doctor immediately, what you have sounds like it may be serious.


your symptoms sound like you may have pelvic inflammatory disease, which you need to get treated immediately.


call your doctor and make an appt asap!!!


look at these articles


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of course i am not the expert and i am not your doctor, but its a possibility...

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Yup, go see a doctor! It could be many things - just because your bf tested negative does not mean you do not have anything yourself.


It even sounds like it could be a bladder or kidney infection which sweetie, do NOT mess around with. I had a kidney infection last spring and was in the hospital because of my fever and I became so dehydrated they had to pump me full of fluids, and even did a spinal tap to rule out something worse.


It could be quite serious, and have an impact on your health, fertility and whom knows what else, so go to a clinic ASAP!

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if you are worried about your parents, just tell them about your stomach aches and the throwing up. they will not suspect anything sexual. then talk to your doctor about it. i am not sure about the laws but i feel that the doctor is required to maintain your confidentiality. anyone know about this when it comes to teenagers?


no matter what, you are putting yourself at serious risk if you dont go see a doctor, because what you have could be damaging your reproductive organs or doing some other serious damage that you dont know about.


i am a medical student, not a doctor yet, but ive done enough studying to know that what you have sounds serious (PID, kidney/bladder infection)

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