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her period stopped again


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O.K, I read your other post, stop freaking out about this, especially if she is on the pill, the pill does warped things to your body, it is suppose to tell your body you are pregnant.


My suggestion is don't post again until her next period, do a pregnacy test when she is suppose to have her period next month! Then if she hasn't had her period by the next day she is suppose to, conduct another pregnacy test!!


Just keep using condoms until then! You are both too young too be stressing out about false alarms.


A womens hormones are suppose to change every 7 years after they get their periods, so this maybe this is the cause of the difference in her period this time round.

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I know very few women who have regular periods to begin with, but the pill is supposed to help regulate them. However, the pill does not always work properly with all women.


If you are worried, go to a doctors office and get a test. However, seeing as how she is on the pill and there is a 99.9% of it being effective WHEN TAKEN PROPERLY it's unlikely she is pregnant.


Personally, I have learned to allow up to THREE months for a period to come around. They are not as regular as you would think. Diet, stress, illness, drugs, and a list of other factors can affect a woman's period.


So, calm down, have some chips and dip, and go back to your normal life.


Now is a good time to discuss with her what her plans would be if she got pregnant. Keep it? Abort it? You should find out if she agrees with your morals and desires. Some (very few) tricky women will get pregnant on purpose, so consider yourself warned.


My father gave me one piece of very good advice when I was 17 or so: Never have sex with (read: ejaculate inside of) a woman with whom you do not want to get married and have kids.


It has been VERY good advice.

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I don't know why you are as worried as you are about this, if she tested negative and she IS having a period. A period is not usually a "constant" flow, sometimes it will change in flow during the days you are having it, and even in the same day.


What do you mean it started, stopped, and started again within a day and a half, I don't think that is that ABNORMAL. It won't continously flow.


Many things can affect her flow, from stress, illness, the pill, it's not even unusual to skip periods while on the pill even if you have been on it for years. The "period" you get while on pill is NOT a real period, it's a "false period" so it won't always behave like a real one.


If you are worried, take another test in a couple days, but really, she is more then likely FINE.


And I like Poco's advice, it is similar to what I recommend:


Never have sex with (read: ejaculate inside of) a woman with whom you do not want to get married and have kids.


I just generally flip it around to say that basically anyone you sleep with has potential of becoming the parent of your child, for the rest of their life and yours you will be attached. So decide if it is worth it at this point in your life.


Keep using condoms, and the pill, and be safe, and you should be okay...it does decrease the risk quite a bit.

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