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Sitting at my table





Sitting at my table

Trying to understand this fable

This life is so good and bad

Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad

I grab my pack of smokes, and play with the foil

I stop and I think of all the oil

That fuels our lives

And causes us to strive

Wondering what will happen when we run out

To many bad things, because of one drought

Most of us drive around in our cars

And hardly take the time to look at the stars

They are above us looking down

Even when we frown

This industry age is setting the stage

For a war that will wage

Most of us choose to ignore

Even though we know we could do more

My life seems to be filled with all this friction

The root cause being my addictions

It's so hard to kick a bad habit alone

This world makes me feel like a drone

Getting up to work everyday

I can't wait until I am old and gray

I will look bad on this time alone

and realize how much I have grown

I might not be mentally stable,

but hopefully I will be able to remember

Sitting at my table...

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That was great Sadness_Creeping.


Yeah the world is kind of a bittersweet sort of place...so much to enjoy and yet so much that disappoints.


I too think that people do not take enough time to appreciate the small things... it's such a waste too. Most people age without experiencing all that they can.


I try not to be such a person too, but like you say it isn't always easy! Our terrible consumerist, environmentally unfriendly lives of wasted money/resources/opportunity are an addiction and really are a poor excuse for not doing all that we can to better the world and prevent all of those things that disappoint.


I want to leave a positive mark on this world.

So mate, let's not give in to these addictions, let's try and make the most of life and give back as much as possible while taking as little as possible. I'm with you!

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Ya know, I worried a lot about us wasting our earth away, but we go to great lengths to figure out how to lessen what we do. No matter what, I think our existence on this earth gives this earth its death sentence. No matter how we react to how bad the environment is going, we have discovered technology, and once discovered there is no looking back...


So now its looking to see what we can fix and rework.


Don't be all too worried.



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I like your poem. I guess we all get into a "routine" and it takes a strong person to step out of that addiction and well, rebel. QUIT YOUR JOB! lol, im only messing, but i like what you have to say.


The world can flip just because a coin hits the ground, we all need to have a little more understanding, but i guess we have to tell the "right people" (whoever they are) to have something done about it.


Anyway, great work! neva

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