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28 and feeling hopeless

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where do i or can i start??? at 28 years old i feel lost. my emotions are an uncontrollable rollercoaster that i cant get control of. to admit im not "happy" makes me upset. especially because my job is one in that i deal with the disabled. its a job that has certainly changed my outllok on life.


i go through times of just being content and happy with my life. unfortunately its also filled with some times of me not being happy about my life. decisions ive made......things i would have done differant. etc, etc.

i feel friends have drifted away.....the ones i do see from time to time i dont feel i "click" with. i dont get calls and often my time out of my job is spent alone. i have a few hobbies that make me who i am. none of my friends enjoy them to extent that i do. therfor im often sacrificing going out so i can do what i enjoy.

example: friends going out drinking on a friday night. since i have to be up at 4:30am to go fish in a bass fishing tournament the next morning i dont go. for two reasons. 1.) me and drinking = not getting up at 4:30 feeling well. 2.) i LOVE to fish for bass.

so here i am. at 28 years old feeling like i dont have many if any friends.

feeling like ive made some bad decisions in the past that are now haunting me. ive been single for 2+years. i find it hard to meet woman and i feel like im doomed to live the rest of my life alone. me, myself, and i.

me, my dog, and my bassboat.

any tricks to getting out of this "pit"? i hate the way i feel but like i said i just cant shake this. ive been this way for approx 3 years or so. its what i believe broke up my last relationship unfortunately. once that happened that pit got deeper and my fall was alot harder.

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I, for one, absolutely love fishing. I was brought up among men who were anglers, so I understand that whole 'getting up at 4am' thing.


You seem to have friends, just not friends who seem to enjoy doing the same things that you do. I understand what it's like to try and meet new friends. It's not always that easy to establish reliable friendships in your mid/ late twenties, as there are less opportunities. Do you ever hang out with people from work?


Regarding women ... I think that a guy like you might be pretty interesting to women. Have you ever tried Lavalife or any dating sites?

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Hoppy, I think it's part of getting older, where our interests, maturity level, careers, and overall "busyness" get in the way of our relationships. It could be with friends we once were inseparable with, family or even within yourself, disconnecting from your hobbies or whatnot.


I think Ocean is right about the online thing...definitely give that a try. List the qualities you want in a mate, post those online. Don't get desperate, set your eyes on the prize. Gosh, that sounds cliche, but it works! You'll find the one you long for.


If you feel emotional issues could be weighing you down, definitely talk to someone about that and it's bound to make things better.


In the mean time, "fish on!"

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Hoppy-27 most people go through life the same way! I am only a few years younger than you, but I at times feel the same way! I myself am trying to change things like money, I am saving money rather then spending as much as I used to! I am paying off bills quicker.


I have lost a few friends that I didnt mesh right with (some by there choice and some by my choice)


Also I am looking into what schools I can get into!


Maybe with this bass fishing tournament you can exchange numbers with other people, men or women! That might be away for you to make new friends.


And as far as the being single thing goes, you dont have to be in a relationship to be happy! believe it or not I sometimes find it easier to be single because you have no one to answer to!


I have a boyfriend and we have been together for over one year, and we are happy for the most part.


But always remember that not everyone is 100% happy with their lifes!


Good Luck, just keeping trying to meet people with the same interests in you!


Oh and another note, most people who are friends with someone in high school or below sometimes dont stay friends, after college!


So it is just natural for the most part!

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