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Once again Im left feeling depressed. I was feeling better for the last week or so, but right now I feel so low.


I just came out of an abusive relationship, I feel that my self esteem has diminished. I went to a club with a bunch of friends, I felt really out of place and not 'pretty'. I have put on weight and It really shows. Christmas is coming up and I want to lose the weight Ive gained and maybe by losing it some of my self esteem will come back.


I just want to know how to lose weight quick and how do I start feeling better about myself


Thank you.

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Unfortunately weight gain and bad diet usually goes hand in hand with being depressed. If the thing making one sad is real bad, they may barely eat before eating badly. This has happened to me. The best way to get the pounds is diet. Working out helps too but that depends on factors like what is your age, height, weight? It's very generic when someone has a "method" because it is different for everyone.


As to feeling better, if it's the weight, then losing it will obviously help. If it's feeling very alone, only waiting it out will make it better.

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lost -- You HAVE lost self-esteem, that is an inevitable result of being in an abusive relationship. BUT!!! you have also gained something, perspective into such a dynamic. The fact that you are out is proof that you are a survivor. Consider the weight gain, depression, any other nasty things, to be your battle scars. Okay? Battle scars. The last thing you need now is to start starving yourself to get "pretty." Good weight loss takes time. What you need now are some good friends, a lot of support and a lot of love -- start by loving yourself. Love that you are strong and have survived.


Here's a link to a great forum for weight loss. I am there a lot. Check out some of the forums. There are tons, from support to just chat to excellent info on diets and exercise. I like Support Groups in the Support Forum. Find a thread you like and just jump in. See you there!


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