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Yay! Ive graduated with my Associate of Arts! Finally!!


Hi guys. All right, I apologize for the length, I just need to lay everything out to clear my head and try to receive some useful advice. I would like to continue with my Bachelor's, as after this semester I've completed my Associates at a local community college. My dilemma is that I'm so confused what type of degree I should focus on. My two huge passions are writing (creatively) and traveling, as well as documentary journalism (goes along with writing, I suppose). Other passions include working with animals, experiencing other cultures, women's issues, indie films, drawing, photography, esthetician (skin & beauty), environmental concerns and yoga.


Dream jobs include


a) working for a type of project like National Geographic, writing about wildlife and cultures around the world, while documenting with my own photos


b) working for BBC as a correspondent, as I am a huge fan of their reporting


c) working as a freelance journalist, making documentaries while traveling internationally to report on different cultures, as well as to aid less fortunate (for example, educating women in cultures where they are held in low esteem and hold fewer rights)


Some ideas in my head; after receiving my Bachelor's, I would like to apply for a Fulbright scholarship. After graduation, I would like to get my TOEFL certification, so that I may teach english to foreigners. I would also like to join the Peace Corps for a year or two during my lifetime.


Phew. ok, thanks for all who've bared with me this far My dilemma right now is that my mother has suggested taking a BA in english, and perhaps going into the teaching field. (She feels it would be a steady 'safe' job to have). Or I could take a BA in journalism, and try to get an internship with BBC if I'm fortunate enough to find the opportunity.


Given my interests and dreams, what type of Bachelor's would, in your opinion, be most effective for me; english or journalism? They both can open up so many different opportunities, its difficult to know which will bring me closest to my dreams. Right now I'm leaning on journalism. Although, many of the best journalists have no college education whatsoever too!


Ooh, decisions, decisions... any input is greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations on graduation.


Getting into journalism without a degree is a hard thing to do. I'd venture to say its next to impossible.


That said, I think you should go into journalism if you want to be a journalist.


Don't worry about playing it safe. With a college degree, you can land any number of safe jobs.


There are many programs available for people with college degrees who want to become teachers, so if you decide thats what you want to do, having a journalism degree won't be a problem.


Of course this is my experience from being accross the pond; your mileage might vary


Good luck, and remember that no matter what you decided, it will never be too late to change your mind.

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I think Journalism is a bit of a ''Mickey Mouse'' degree. I too want to be a journalist, and looked at studying it. None of the courses really looked like they'd give you a serious grounding for a career in the media. thereforeeee, I decided to study English Literature with Politics. They're both relevant subjects, but give me the opportunity to move into different careers should I change my mind or am unsuccessful.


The most important thing is work experience. You must beef up your CV with it to be considered for jobs.

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I think the English degree would be the best way to go. While you are doing it could you volunteer some time at the campus radio station, or write for the campus newspaper? That way you can start getting some work experience. I don't really know though. I've been thinking about journalism too. I already have a BA (Sociology Major, Religious Studies Minor), and I've been thinking about doing a Master's in Journalism. I think really either path can get you where you want to go, talent, hard work, and a little luck probably have as much to do with it as which degree you choose.

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I would do journalism and then if you decide to become an english teacher, could you do a Masters in English? I'm not sure how the education system works in your country.


Your mother does have a very good point however. In anything creative, you should have a back-up plan, because they are sometimes hard fields to crack. That being said, it is not impossible and if you go into it with a negative attitude, you won't get very far. It is good to be sensible though and always have a contingency plan.


Good luck and follow your dreams! And as somebody else suggested, start doing volunteer work. I have known many people who started out on that path and are now working in professional, paid positions in the media.

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I have a Bachelor's degree that is in communications and I am currently working on a Master's in business. My advice?


Don't dream about a job. Do it. Get an internship.


That's how this girl who dreamed of being a news anchor, switched to public relations. Internships can be short (for me 5 days) or longer (for me, later, 7 months), but they'll give you the hands-on experience & info you need.


Both were unpaid, both landed me a great paying career and got me the credibility that a mere degree wouldn't provide.


When looking for internships, don't bypass nonprofits, they'll let you "get your feet wet" and some.


Good luck!

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