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These 2 cases:


1- This girl is in one of my classes. I'm pretty sure she used to look at me a lot, but I turned always. Recently I made my mind up about talking to her, but I feel kinda like she's ignoring me, you know? Like I look at her hoping she will look back, so I can maybe smile and say hi, but she turns away now... I dunno if I should say hi anyway or what...


2- This girl I used to see a lot right before first period. There was this once I saw her standing right next to the classroom I was supposed to be in, pretty close to where I was. She kept looking at me, but I was talking to this other friend, and I had no clue what to do... So I ended doing nothing... Since then I haven't seen her as much, but last time I saw her she kinda ignored me kinda similar to what girl number 1 is doing, except less "obvious", you know what I mean? Like I think she actually saw me smiling at her... I'm not sure. I dunno if this one's worth a shot either.


All I'm asking here, I guess, is what would you do? I feel like I have less than 50% chance of accomplishing anything in both cases, so I don't feel it's worth a shot... But is it? Should I just get over it and hope for another girl to be crazy enough to somehow find something interesting in me? Cause I guess I could live with that... It is bound to happen at least once more, hopefully... And I won't miss that chance.

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1) Go up to her and start talking. You may have blown your chance, but what the heck right?


2) Go up to her and start talking. You may have blown your chance, but what the heck right?


So lesson to be gleamed here is that if you notice a girl looking at you, look back and smile. If she smiles at you, walk up to her and start talking to her. Otherwise you're subconsciously sending the "I'm not interested" signal.


As for the 50% chance thing, let me break down the numbers for you.


If you don't talk to either of these girls, chance of success = 0%

If you do decided to talk to these girls, chance of success = 50%


Now, which choice is better?


Now assuming that each choice has an equal probability of an outcome, you have a 75% chance of success. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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Wow ok... Where can I start? Well, I didn't do *beep*... I dunno whether I should be angry, or if I shouldn't care... I mean, ok for girl 1, we were taking notes and the font was kinda small, and she had no glasses today I guess, so she sat next to me, and I tried to think of something to say, and ended up saying nothing. And girl 2, well, she saw me alright, but she turned away way too fast... I saw her hugging some dude, and I'd like to believe it's like me with all my friends who are girls, you know? I hug them a lot, so I dunno if she's like that, or if it's her boyfriend now, but I lean more towards the latter. I try to notice more girls that seem interested, so I won't make the same mistake, but damn man, it doesn't happen much... So well, I feel dumb for having missed those 2 good chances, and who knows how many more? Or maybe the were never interested in the first place... Maybe I thought the were looking but they weren't, I dunno. I suck, and I just wanna get over this BS quick.

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hey man, you sound almost like me. I encounter these awkward situations where I don't know if it's worth approaching women because I have no clue if they are interested in me or not.


I only approach if I see them around often and see them looking at me during those times or dropping more obvious hints. I tend to infatuate rather easily though, so these girls are all over mind.


Before I ever talk to them, I usually come to these forums asking for advice, and I try to figure out how I can relate to the context. In your case, if I was sitting next to girl #1, and I felt as if I had the greatest chance to spark a conversation, then I'd probably ask a quick question about the font size, and see what she says. If she responds well and seems comfortable talking, then I'd probably try to find something else to say about the class or whatever, then ask her for her name if I don't know it or establish some kind of small talk relating to the context.


Now of course, it's easy for me to say I'd do this, but really I might bail out and say nothing until the next few times we meet. I am unsure of what else to say, but to take your chances and know that you do have a chance.

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