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Uh Oh!!


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Is it normal for a period to start on time, then go away within a few hours of starting? I heard that this is something that sometimes happens when your pregnant. I'm on the pill, and I didn't miss a single one this month. I took them exactly at the same time every morning. We also used condoms for most of the month. (All except the last week).

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That has happened to me plenty of times. Sometimes I'll start my period and it won't start again for a couple of days so I wouldn't worry, sometimes it only lasts two days max!

Don't get stressed about it because your hormones can be affected by the slightest thing and if you worry it could delay your period even further.

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I'm confused...brahman...you're a guy! So..who is this?


I would not worry too much, this is a common happening with the pill. Your period will most likely show up later today or tomorrow or something. Take a pregnancy test if you are really unsure.


LOL the 'just a guy trying to get by' signature really confused me too but I thought it was just a signature?

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lmao, its my girl who wrote this, lmao.


she still worries me though, she said this was common before the pill, but after the pill which she has been taking for two years now it has never happened.


she is on her way back to my house with a test. we shall see

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theres bad news, im pregnant, but the good news is that i just saved a whole bunch of mony on my car insurance. and shes not pregnant either.


glad to hear she is okay brahman (and brahman's girlfriend....glad to hear!).


And great about your car insurance


The pill is funny, so are our bodies...sometimes they just do whacky things sometimes, even after ages of regularity! Stress, illness, maturing, all can play around with it. If the test was negative, I would not worry about it too much, especially since you two seem to be staying pretty safe.

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