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Psychological barrier is eating me up

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Well, I'm writing these essays. But things are just dragging on... every sentence I write I feel that it's not good enough. Because I don't really like my ideas and argument. But I have no choice because I can't come up with better ones... I just know these essays will turn out really bad. And I really don't want to submit such stupid things to my teacher. This feeling of despair is killing me and making things drag on. I'm sitting here in front of my computer, sweating the unbearable bad consequence and it really seems an eternity before I can finish writing them...


This has been going on for a week.


Am I building up a mental problem or something? I really need some advice on how to get over this kind of bad feelings... Thanks a lot.

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Are you in high school? College?


Either way you should contact someone for help. Colleges usually have "writing centers" where students can go for an appointment to help with orgainzing writing assignments. In high school you can ask for help/tips after school.


Whenever you write any kind of essay- it's a good idea to start off my making an outline first- with your key points.


Here's a site that may help:




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When writing a paper, it's helpful to get yourself in the right mindset. If I were you, I would read other student's papers, read trade magazines or even online articles on whatever subject you're writing on and jot down some ideas. The more you write, the easier it becomes and the better understanding you have of whatever material you're writing about. If you're at a complete standstill, walk away from the computer and don't worry about it until later. So, it begins with getting your mental state right. If you can do this, writing papers can be easier and you will dread them less.

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