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My unreadability and this guy...


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I'm guessing there are more than a few people who can identify with this situation...


I'm usually not the type to be struck speechless, but this guy is amazingly attractive and he just exudes so much confidence. I'm guessing that is what initially got me hooked, but the comments he makes in class shows thta he definetly has a very fun and quirky sense of humor. From what I hear, he's also pretty sweet. I feel like an eighth grader with one of those junior high crushes. Atleast it kind of shows me that I'm over my ex and ready to officially get back into the whole dating "scene."


Our class we had together ended today, all classes end Friday. This guy not in any of my classes next semester (unless he has yet to add classes), but I'm sure I'll see him around campus occasionally.


I don't know why I had/have problems even saying 'hi' to him, because it's never neccesarily been a problem for me to say a simple 'hello' to anyone, even to previous little "crushes." He's never spoken to me either. He talked to the people around me, but not me. The only achnowledgement we've ever given to eachother is a couple glances here and there.


I know I'm a very hard person to read, most people tell me that. My brother always tells me that people can never tell what I'm thinking or what I feel about them (we're around the same age, so he gets mutual friends telling him things like this). And he also says that I'm the type of girl who just doesn't "get it" when a guy wants to talk to me and get to know me. My closest male friend says I'm a bit "friendly, but aloof." Ha. I guess I just never realize when I'm acting like this. I'm thinking that maybe this is why this guy never talked to me...


I guess what this leads to is: Is there a way to make yourself more readable and approachable? And, how weird would it be to in a month (after break), finally start making an effort to talk to this guy?

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Well the next time you go into school, dress in something very appealing and presentable to catch his eye. If he looks at you give him a big smile, chances are he will probably walk over to you to say hi. If not get yourself close enough to him without actually approaching him. As far as the breakup of the past relationship, only you can decide what feels like the right to talk and become flirty with other guys. If you know your truly over the relationship then go for it.

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You don't have to dress in anything sexy to attract him. And that might just attract a bunch of unwanted attention from other guys.


Instead, just stay calm and try to relax. He is only a guy. And think about it this way, if you don't say hi, you won't have a chance at all. Someone needs to say something if you ever want to get anything going. So why not you?


And if you can't do it right away, don't be too hard on yourself. Last year my best friend went through this. There was a girl he kept seeing around campus but never had the chance to speak to. He kept getting upset at himself for not talking to her. Eventually, he got another chance and was able to get up the nerve, talk to her, and have a very pleasent conversation. He did it, and he tends to be very shy and nervous about that stuff. So I know you can too.

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