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This is not going to be an interesting post but i'm really worried.


I have been a part time glasses person for 3 years now. Half a year ago, i visited my optomoterist and discovered that i was 300 degrees on both eyes(short sighted). It may not seem suprising but i feel as if my eyes are worsing quicker than it should be. I am now way more dependant of my glasses than i ever was. I cannot see the computer screen without them, and i'd feel insecure if i don't have them with me when i go out. Apart from that dependancy, i am in constant discomfort. My eyes are always itchy. When i watch tv or read books, i'd be forced to close them for a rest because it'd be so sore. Also, there is this little ball growing inside my left eyelid. It feels like it's growing on top of my left eyeball. I can't see it but i can feel it with my fingers. It's tiny and it doesn't cause me any pain or anything. If my problem continues, will my short sightedness worsen? Am i lacking sleep or is there something seriously wrong with my eyes?


Thanks in advance.

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An optometrist would be best able to advise you on this, and I don't think any of us can tell you what's wrong over the internet!


Your prescription can often change as you age, and may not balance out for years, though it can slow down. It's not abnormal to need a new prescription every few months.


It sounds like because of the changes, you are straining and tiring your eyes out, this may be solved with a new prescription and the use of eye drops for example.


The bump may be a cyst or a sty, but again I would advise getting it examined.


Call your opthomolagist!

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