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Honestly i have no clue what to do

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Everything in my life seems so messed up right now i don't even know where to turn for any stablitly. By best friend and another girl we're close with, decided to start dating and i'm really starting to feel like i'm losing her. Everything is still the same it's just that i feel like she wants to be with her more, wants to share things with her that she used to share with me.


I hate that we were all cool, one was my best friend and now i'm kinda pushed aside lost my status and now they're girlfriend and girlfriend. We always bonded over how we didn't have anyone and how it was ok, and now it's like she's gone and found someone and i'm left her by myself like oh ok, i guess i'll just figure myself out, be the third wheel when i'm with you guys.


(I'm venting right now so please excuse any rudeness) I know i'm just being jealous and i should be happy for her that she's found someone but it's like what about me. Everyone around me and i mean everyone is with someone, or has some kind of crush or love interest. Her and i were our own little island and now she's just gone and left. I need to get over this because i'm starting to act really catty to the other girl and even my "best friend" it's just so hard. Eveytime i see them together i want to pull my hair out, i try and dodge them whenever i see them together. I can't deal with this and i need to know how to get over it cos it's really eating me up inside.


Ugh, i don't know, it's just hard.

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xcountryprincess -- You said it. It's hard. And there's really nothing you can do about it. But you'll find that moving on is not so bad. You've got to want to move on though. A big part of your relationship was, as you said, both of you not "having someone." That has changed for her and that's why the relationship has changed. You need to find a new best friend and have that friendship based on something that is more inherent in each other, in other words, something about that person's personality and character. Relationships based on situations are very likely to change when the situation changes. Those based on each other will weather a change in situations. Sometimes you don't realize what a relationship was based on until the situation changes and that can hurt. Move on. Misery loves company. But company isn't necessarily a friend.

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