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Would it be cheesy to leave her a note on her car ...?

meen creetch1607306437

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to make a short story shorter . . . i live in next door to a girl that i am relatively attracted to. she is still in highschool while i am in college - i would like to ask her to go out sometime however i rarely see her and when i do it is just when she walks to and from her car - my question is: would it be cheesy to leave her a note on her car ...? i have never talked to this girl however i feel that there could be a little bit of chemistry that exists. Would my chances of success be reduced greatly if i told her to meet me at a certain time certain place? - im pretty sure she would know who i am . .. let me know your thoughts, ideas . . . TIA-

meen creetch

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By wanting to take this young ladie out Id like to assume that you would like to impress her.


On that... you should not leave her a note. You are a grown man, so act like one. Women love confidence. Perhaps you should try to win her with chivilary. Send her some flowers or go out of your way to catch her.


But by no means leave her a note. Chances are, she has enough of immature males trying to get closer to her. And she is very tired of their young, inexperiened, childish approaches.


Give her direct approach or surprise her....


But no notes

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