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dose she want to be with me or not (confused)


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i have been brokin up with my girlfriend for about 2 years now and we still remain friends but almost everytime we are with each other we sleep togeter at first it was mainly me doning all the flirting and what not and she told me that she did not want to keep on doing this so she start dating someone elese so we were just friends then she broke it off then it started with me again then it stop cause she was in another relationship but just recently i was over her house and she cheated on her girlfriend with me

i am really confused about this relationship because i still love her and she was my first girlfriend i dont know what she wants or what our relationship means to her that night when she cheated on her girlfriend with me she is the one that came on to me i think about her everyday since we broke up any suggestions would help thanks

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I dont know if you are aware of this but sounds to me that you are already in a relationship.


A Sexual one. My friend this type of relationship will rarely grow into anything else. You are caught in a circle of physical love. I suggest that firstly you come to the decision if you are comfortable being in this relationship with no possiblity of anything else.


If so, well continue your path but keep your feelings at bay.


If not, don't engage in activites like this with her anymore. I would think that you could not possibly trust her since she is cheating on her current love with you. You might wanna consider having this discussion with her.


But be forwarded, things will change drastically upon this conversation. Good Luck to you.

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