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Does this chick like me? [help!]


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i met this wonderful chick about 2 months ago at the beginning of school and i just wanted to ask someone for a little help in idenitfying if she is intrested in me as just a friend or maybe more.


She always nudges me in the hallway with her elbow or something and then smiles at me as she passes, she asks me to sit close to her and when we talk she stares like RIGHt into my eyes the whole conversation and i feel kinda intimidated heh.. anyways a few weeks back she gave me a hug and put her head on my shoulder i was just wondersing if this means anything. please help me out thanks.. [ps] i always see her with other guys./ this is irritating why are girls so damn hard to figure out!


Does she like me???

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Stop, buy her flowers and hunt her down right away. I don't think she could make it ANY more obvious unless she had a neon sign attached to her forehead. If any woman looks you in the eyes, and goes out of her way to make physical contact, she's looking for you to chase her.


But don't misunderstand - she's offering you a chance to step up to the plate, not a free trip around the bases - you still have to make the all important FIRST IMPRESSION. If you shout out her name in the hallway, windmilling your arms as you run towards her, only to trip and fall on your ass in front of her, smashing the bouquet of weeds in the process, the odds are REALLY slim that anything will become of this. You don't have to be made of money, you just need to have a plan.


As I once read in a book: Spontaneity is nice, but there's nothing like a well-planned seduction (in the romantic, not criminal sense).


Good Luck

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