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How does this make any sense?


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My girlfriend Julia -- ex girlfriend now -- decided over night she wanted to break up! after 2years.


I don't understand because the night before that she was telling me that she loves me and couldn't wait to see my on the weekend when I was going up to see her, furthermore, a couple of night before that she said "Thank you for being who you are and I'm so glad we're with each other", thereforeeeeeee I did not see this breakup coming.


We had some problems with her mother a couple of weeks back but it was solved, but her mother knows a guy who's 24 that plays Karate with her, Julia is 17years old thus I think this guy is too old for her anyways.

A couple of weeks ago I was fed up with her mother inviting Nathan -- the 24 year old -- over for dinner 3 times during that week, because in my point of view I thought her mother was trying to make them spend as much time as possible together, thus grow on each other. I might be wrong, but this is how I felt.


A week ago, I couldn't deal with this so I called Julia and I said "I think it's best if we both went our own way". I was sure of it at the time because of the anger that I consumed inside me. She cried on the phone and asked me not to do this and said "I believe in us and I know we can work this out, please give me one day to talk to my mother and Nathan and make things clear". She called me the next day and She asked her mother to back off because her mother had things in common with Nathan, but Julia didn't and she didn't want what her mother wanted for her. She said she wanted to be with me! She also asked Nathan to back off a little because he's starting to mess out relationship up.


Things went great after that, and she came over to my family Thanks givings dinner and we spent the weekend together at my house. She left on Monday and I was supposed to come up on friday, but I called her on thursday and she said she wanted to breakup. I asked "Why are you doing this now?" and she said "Because I love you, and started crying" I then felt lots of pain and went on to say "You don't love me, I have to go now. Bye".

Since then I have not heared from her, however she spoke to my Mother this morning on MSN and my mother said that Julia was a wreck. She's very sad and confused but she wants to be dependant! I don't understand how after two years you give your heart to someone and it feels like they threw it back in your face.


Some give me and advice please and tell me what's best for me to do. I do love her lots and I do want to be with her, perhaps have a life in the future.





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She seems a bit unstable. All girls appear unstable at times, but you seem to have a whole list of items that you don't like about her. Make a list of things that you need and don't need and ask her to do the same. See how closely your lists are related. She may have totally different values. To make it work, you too need to put your relationship above all the other problems that you seem to be having at the time. Figure out your priorities and hers.

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