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should i break up or not

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Help. Ive been dating a lovely girl for nearly 2 years. Iv only ever had long term relationships previously and am starting to open my eyes when im in clubs and pubs etc. It all started about 3 months ago during a huge row between my parents and her all a bit silly really. Clash of personalties i think. Nasty letters the lot. completely unreversable. anyway shes now banned from the house so its making it really hard between us. shes over 40 miles away and we cant spend time alone at her place. Very difficult. We havent made love in 9 months and its getting me really down because i thought relationships were supposed to be easy. All i want is a simple relationship, mutual trust, a great laugh and lots of sex. Should i stay or should i go. Help

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Wells... long distance relationships are really hard! And having no privacy is terrible..


If I can give you advice.. why can't you live by yourself? Its very hard for girls to get privacy.. because parents and relatives are very protective... its much easier for a guy to gain the privacy.. and offer it to his girlfriend.


It may be hard for you to understand.. but girls need privacy... if you get a place of your own.. you can guarantee lots of great sex... and you can be with her as much as you want...


its all up to you in the end.. whatever you do... you control it...

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