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What should i do?


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I recently met a girl who had a boyfriend of 5 yrs.

We flirted like crazy then i sent her an email. She got my number off a friend and called me.


We talked for about 2 hrs everyday for a month. She would say how much she wants me. How she thinks i'm the best guy and all this sort of stuff, though she was still with her boyfriend.


At a party one night we were together and we had sex that night.

2 days later she breaks up with her boyfriend and we start seeing each other a lot. At first she was giving me all the signs that she wants a relationship.


Then she starts acting cold towards me and i eventually i said we should take a break for a while.


We were only together for about 6 weeks but it was pretty intense.


2 months later we still speak to each other a bit and she still flirts with me every time we go out wth friends.


I'm going overseas in 6 weeks and i think this is part of the problem with her although i think she's still in love with her ex.


i keep telling myself that she is no good for me and that i could never trust her. The problem is i fell in love with her and want her like crazy.


Is this the kind of girl i really want? Is she trustworthy?


Should i stop contact with her? Should i play hard to get with her?


Any advice would be great.

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Unfortunately, our society is so mixed up right now we are willing to settle for any affection even from a distance. Think of the men before WWII who got married quickly before being sent off to Europe. Think of your future and how likely it is that you will still see her as anyone but a friend. Everyone has one night stands occasionally, it is difficult that you want to still see her and she doesn't seem to care. This shows that you are a low priority to her. In a society where women are increasing in power, you see she is treating you like an easy "lay." Some men fall in love very quickly. I am sure that she is quite beautiful for you to accept this inappropriate behavior from her. If you still want her, tell her that you are seeing someone new, then she will be forced to make a decision.

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