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Was I too independent for my ex?

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I'm hoping I can get some helpful insight from some of you men out there.


Here's the situation. I am a professional female. I'm 30 years old and very independent. I'm happy with that. But it seems my ex was becoming tired of the fact that I worked up to 50 hours per week and enjoyed my girls night out atleast once every two weeks.


He always wanted to just habg around the house and maybe go out once a month.


Well, we both agreed that we were too different and want different things, so we mutually broke up.


It's been nearly 4 weeks and he hasn't even called me to see if I was okay. It would have been nice to atleast know he cared, but it seems he dosen't. Now I'm starting to miss him, but don't know if I should bother calling or e-mailing him.


I'm starting to wonder if he met someone else. I guess I should'nt worry about it, but a BIG part of me does.


Any advice or insight would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks for reading this post.



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Love is hard...


No Holly,


You should not worry about it. You said that the two of you came to a "mutal" agreement about your relationship. Not compatible right?


For your feelings you have to "not" concern yourself with him. It will drive you mad and overly consume you. Not to mention you might make a bad decision as far as getting back together with no plan.


Just because things didn't work out doesn't mean that you didn't love one another. You made a good step in realizing that you both are not a match no its time to get past the hardship of seperation. Don't contact him unless you feel like you are willing to work things out. The worst thing that you want to happen is to confirm your fears. Im sure he cares for you but he is protecting himself by not contacting you.


You'll be ok.... God is with you, you are not alone.

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Holly, am I missing something here? Did you not say, you both "Mutually agreed" to break-up? I'm not going to waste my time or yours describing the definiition of 'mutual', because I'm certain you know what it means.


So, how can you say "He dosen't care by not calling?? Can't you call him just as easily? If you miss him like you say you do, call him. If he brushes you off in anyway, let it go and never bother with him again. You will not lose any self respect for trying since the break-up was mutual and I assume you haven't already tried talking to him.


I think you should be allowed ONE phone call-(sounds like jail). Just tell him in your own words, you're calling to see if he would like to sit down over coffee to talk . If he flat-out says, "No", and dosen't go any further than that. Let it go. Because I'm sure if he was saying -no because of the time you wanted to meet-was bad for him/ because of other ingagements, he would say so and ask for a different time to meet. That is IF he is interested.


Call him up. BUT>>>Be prepared for bad news. It's a gambling decision.

Good Luck!


Go get him Holly!!

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