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Talking to this girl online...opinions, views?

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Hey all. Here's the story:


About two weeks (I think, it might be less) I messaged this girl over link removed. We've been talking on AIM ever since and so far, no problems. We have a lot of fun just trading sarcastic quips and busting each other's humps in a playful and flirty manner. I don't kiss up to her and put her above myself, instead I make fun of her like she's just one of the guys, never afraid to say anything, and whenever I even vaugely bring up the issue of us possibly becoming a couple, she does nothing to deter me. We even went through a whole thing of what we'd have to put up with if we ever got together (I'd have to put up with her "Desperate Housewives" and she'd have to put up with my "Law & Order" and so on...lol).


When I asked her about talking on the phone someday, she said "It's possible". She hasn't said "I just want to be friends" and I don't get that vibe at all. I dig her and I really think she digs me. Although the one thing that's troubling me is that I made a joke about her, and she liked it so much, she put it in her AIM profile, but after a week or so, it's gone. That confused me a little bit.


I've not been needy or clingy at all with her, as I've moved past that. Most of the time, I'm the one who ends the conversations. I don't spend all day online waiting for her to come back when she's away, I just go about my own business. I think it's all going very well, but I'd just like other viewpoints on things or advice on what to do. If you need more specific info, just ask.



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well let me tell you soemthign she is doin exactly what i do when i like a guy on the net. maybe she is just nervous about talking to her. just keep asking her if you can call everyday just ask once.. but it sound to me like she likes you nad dont worry about her changing that on her profile just means she proablly got bored and changed her profile

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I think you're going about this almost perfectly . Keep on doing what you're doing . I would not however ask her every day if you can call her ( in fact I would not ask her again ) . You already put it out there that you want to call her , It's up to her now to say " xxx call me at xxx xxx xxxx "


And with the AIM profile . That's nothing . People change that all the time when they get tired of it .

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Thanks for all the replies, guys....


I just talked to her briefly. I IM-ed her, she said "Hi", I asked her what was up, she said "Not much, what's up with you?", I told her I was having trouble burning CDs and she said "I'm sorry to hear that".


I went away briefly and she said "yipee" when I came back. I asked if she was bust and she said "No, I'm just talking to a lot of people". I told her that I was done with something I was writing, she asked what it was about, then I told her that I couldn't summarize it because my stories are difficult to skim down to a few sentences or a paragraph. Then she put her away message up without saying a word.


I've taken her off my buddy list. I feel like such a failure right now.

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Update guys:


So after the incident I described in my last post, I put her back on my buddy list and decided to give it another try as I felt I was being irrational. So, since then, we've been talking everyday, but no earth-shattering, hour long conversations.


She's still said nothing (either implicitly or explicitly) saying that she just wants to be friends, but just now I jokingly said to her "You're doing nothing to refute my claims" (as whenever I bring up the idea of her liking me, she comes back with "You keep telling yourself that" or "You're being a bit presumptuous" or her infamous "It's possible". Red flags, maybe, but I think it's just part of her sarcastic, jokey personality).


Anyhoo, she replied with "Well, I'm too busy for such trivialities at the moment". I went "Oh?" And she said "Well, no, I'm just too lazy to type all of that out." And I said "So that doesn't mean you're refuting my claims?" and she said "It might." Frankly, that kinda spooked me. So I joked "I bet you just like keeping me unsure". She didn't say anything until I told her that I had to go.


This crypticness is confusing, even if it's just her way of flirting (which I don't know if it is; it might be), I don't know what to do. I've been talking to other girls with success, but I really like this particular girl, so I don't want to get thrown off the tracks with this one.


Any advice, observations, etc?



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