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Why do things turn out like this?? ( Need Help pls)

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Hey all,


Not really sure where to start...... been with my bf for about 9mths, everything has been great between us we love each other very much so, we've had our ups and downs as many ppl do..... The stress that we have had on our relationship has been my parents, they don't approve of him because of hes nationality, I come from a strict European background and after 9mths they still don't like him .... I've tried everything, I don't want to end it with him, but I don't know if I should even continue it, I don't wanna be a coward and do what my parents want....


and here comes another dilemma 1yr ago I met this guy at funeral ( I know what ur thinking.. oh great place to meet someone lol ) well anyways we had a conversation back then but nothing came from it, there was alittle bit of flirting on my behalf and also on hes... so basically a yr later I see him at another funeral, he came over and we had a chat, he was all flirty with me, but I was stand offish and I really didn't wanna come accross as flirting, his such a nice guy, oh yeh my parents would approve of him coz he is the same nationality of me..... so during that night I felt really bad coz I couldn't stop thinking of him and maybe I did flirt with him abit, I shouldn't even be thinking of him because I have the most caring bf ever, which im hatin myself at the moment .......


so two days ago I get a text msg from him, which I hadn't given him my number he said he had got it from some1 at the funeral... I haven't text him back and Im not sure if I would.... im really lost at the moment, I know I truly love my bf, but with all the complications on our relationship takes a toll, and we're starting to fight abit about my parents and everything.... and I sometimes think maybe it would be easier dating my own nationality. ( oh that so sounds bad )........


I don't know what to do..... Any help would be much appreciated


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the realationship between u and ur boyfriend has nothing to do with ur parents so whether they approve or not doesnt matter, its their loss! besides this guy u met at the funeral u dont really know that well, if u left ur boyfriend for him wud u be happy with him? u are obviously happy with ur current boyfriend so dont let that go 4 something u cant be sure of. 4get about the way ur parents feel, the relationship involves to people not 4. if they dont like it then the are just gonna have 2 live with it and make that clear 2 them. u are old enough to see who u like. i dont rate this guy much gettin ur number from someone else without ur permission. who does he think it is? surely the fact that u didnt give him ur number spells it out that ur taken and u didnt wish him 2 have ur number!!!!!!

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If you break up with your current bf on grounds that your parents don't approve, then that's a bad reason. You might realize this when you become more wise, but you're not seeing that right now. I can understand how you would want someone who your parents approve of, but whether you want to admit it or not your parents are prejudice. I wouldn't break up with someone because my parents didn't approve, I would do it because I personally was not happy the way things were going.

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